1. Another cause of decadence has been the curious fondness of the public for meretricious untruthfulness, such as mistaking smoothness and polish for beauty, and venerable wrinkles for ugliness.
    — Henry Peach Robinson, 1896

  2. Staring Contest With You Know Who


  3. Photography is a flat space art, as is drawing, painting or printing. The page or the canvas is empty, but pregnant with birth as is space, waiting for the touch of the inspired mind…
    It lies within the domain of the plastic arts to reorganize forms, to reconstruct and interpret nature, to create or realize forms and visions of forms, unit by unit…
    In our choice and elimination lies the very character of our personality, the very quality of our taste and expression. In our appreciation and discard, lies our sense of values, of proportion, of relationship - material and psychic.
    — Max Weber, 1913

  4. eye guy


  5. We invent nothing, truly. We borrow and recreate. We uncover and discover. All has been given, as the mystics say, We have only to open our eyes to become one with that which is.
    — Henry Miller

  6. Start It Up


  7. Suffering anywhere concerns people everywhere.
    — Kofi Annan

  8. The Pulse


  9. Sense


  10. Mirage Oasis Wormhole Spot

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