1. I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered.
    — George Best

  2. weird staircase


  3. Timelessness is the nemesis of everything fashionable.
    — Noemi Smolik

  4. untitled collage 3


  5. plays: 42

    demonstration synthesis, 2014


  6. The most powerful source of his appeal as well as his greatest legacy may be that Walt Disney more than any other American artist, defined the terms of wish fulfillment and demonstrated on a grand scale to his fellow Americans, and ultimately to the entire world, how one could be empowered by fantasy - how one could learn in effect, to live within one’s own illusion and even to transform the world into those illusions.
    — Neil Gabler

  7. Preparing To Swing


  8. Songs are difficult because some of them only live for a day.
    — Tom Waits

  9. sundown bourbon whisky


    The monster?

    The ‘entertainment-industrial complex,’ as the art critic Robert Hughes once put it. The media presents us with little else but celebrities, gossip, and scandal, and the way we depict ourselves on television and in the movies has become so distorted, so debased, that real life has been forgotten. What we’re given are violent shocks and dim-witted escapist fantasies, and the driving force behind it all is money. People are treated like morons. They’re not human beings anymore, they’re consumers, suckers to be manipulated into wanting things they don’t need. Call it capitalism triumphant. Call it the free market Economy. Whatever it is, there’s very little room in it for representations of actual American life.

    — Paul Auster, Paris Review 2003
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