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  2. Haiku means nothing beyond what it is. A pond in summer, a leaf in the wind. It’s human consciousness located in nature. It’s the answer to everything in a set number of lines, a prescribed syllable count. “I wanted a haiku war,” he said. “I wanted a war in three lines. This was not a matter of force levels or logistics. What I wanted was a set of ideas linked to transient things. This is the soul of haiku. Bare everything to plain sight… See what’s there and then be prepared to watch it disappear.”
    — Don DeLillo, Point Omega

  3. The Judging


  4. untitled collage 4


  5. village person


  6. untitled collage 7


  7. collage meter


  8. A Single Moment


  9. Classic Restraint


  10. El Duce

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