3. 4845 followers… when I hit 5K I promise to do some collage giveaways, it’s been a while. Many thanks to everyone who follows/comments/shares. Peace!


  4. Give someone you love something you love.
    — me

  5. So much of life cannot be articulated, only felt. Even though we have words, it’s astounding we can even communicate. We’re ruled by feelings. And we can be anxious or thrilled but sometimes we’re just in the sweet spot, when everything feels all right.





  10. All music already kind of exists and you’re just channelling it and putting it into context; all the notes have already been played. Especially once you’ve done it and put it out, it’s very much less your possession because it’s just sound and it’s something other people own just as much as you because when they hear it differently, you can’t own something that is different for every person, y’know?
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